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Case Study – Lightweight Structures – 26% energy savings

So… In the Real World, What does all this mean?

Because we are so conditioned to look solely to the R-Value when assessing the thermal performance it can be difficult to understand all of the benefits of the ChameleonCore range. Knowing this, we set to work.

We built 2 lightweight structures, identical in every possible way except for one important element.  The insulation.

Building 1 was insulated in traditional Glasswool insulation and Building 2 with ChameleonCore.  Both structures were air conditioned and left in the scorching summer temperatures of Newcastle, Australia.

Temperatures of both buildings were maintained at the same comfortable level, However, there was a HUGE difference in air conditioning load and we at Schmetzer Industries are very proud to announce…

The ChameleonCore structure used 26% less electricity to maintain the same comfortable environment as the Glasswool equivalent!

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