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ChameleonCore EXT

ChameleonCore EXT. For installation behind external wall claddings and roof coverings

ChameleonCore by Schmetzer Industries is a smarter insulation product that significantly reduces energy costs.

ChameleonCore EXT is a 7.5mm thick, 3 layer composite foam with reflective outer foil layers and will be available in 1200mm wide, 20m Long rolls.

This product satisfies the Australian building code requirement for Vapour Barrier, Thermal Break and offers an installed R-Value of up to R2.7.  ChameleonCore EXT also offers the Phase change process.  The product can be offered as Permeable (for wall linings) or non-perforated (for roof linings).

The outer reflective foil and foam layers form a resistance barrier to the inner “core” layer that is impregnated with a Phase Change Material.  This works to dampen the extremities of the external ambient temperatures and helps to regulate the internal environment

ChameleonCore EXT 1.0 – 3.33Wh/m2

ChameleonCore EXT 1.5 – 5.00Wh/m2

Full Specifications

ChameleonCore EXT. A smarter insulation product by Schmetzer Industries.