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Designed with Temporary Buildings in Mind


ComfyWrap is an innovative wall lining that can be applied to the walls and ceilings inside site sheds and temporary accommodation to absorb heat and noise and introduce colour.

It’s self-adhesive but the glue is gentle enough that it won’t damage the walls when it is removed at the end of the shed rental.


Comfy Wrap includes a printable face, self-adhesive backing and is only the thickness of a 20 cent coin.


ComfyWrap is made up of a 4mm layer of our ChameleonCore phase change material that acts as a high-performance insulation. It can absorb surplus heat in summer, delaying the need to turn on the air conditioners and in winter it acts as a heat store to make the space feel warmer. Tests have shown that it can save more than 18% of the air conditioning energy, which could be as much as $80 per air-conditioner per year*

ComfyWrap also reduces noise discomfort. With ceilings and walls lined with Comfy Wrap, noise from telephone conversations and stomping boots is no longer reflected around internally and external noise from piling equipment and excavators is attenuated.

ComfyWrap includes an outer layer that can be printed with any graphic. Just email the image files to the print shop and they can be arranged and sized for your approval. This means the walls can now easily include colourful branding, artists impressions of the project or important messaging. Or, even better, graphics of ‘green’ walls, timber or stone grain, forests and waterfalls. These graphics have been proven to have a calming effect on workers and we know that colour selection is a key part of any quality office fitout.

ComfyWrap costs around $30/sqm +GST supplied. It is easy enough to be self-installed, but a contractor can also install for around $5k +GST for a typical 12x20m office. Printing is extra, depending on extent of area. All up, a site of this size would probably be around $15k with 25% of the walls printed with colourful graphics.

Would you be interested in purchasing some Comfy Wrap for your project? Our experience is that a typical site office costs around $300k-500k to establish so ComfyWrap would be around a 3-4% premium. Payback in energy terms would not be a primary justification but testing suggests savings of $800-1000 per year might be possible for an office of this size.

For more information about ComfyWrap or for a site-specific quotation, please contact us.