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Schmetzer Industries to Debut ChameleonCore at DesignBUILD 2017

Schmetzer Industries is pleased to announce that they will be debuting the newest and most innovative insulation product, ChameleonCore, at DesignBUILD 2017 in Sydney.

DesignBUILD 2017 brings together leaders in the world of architecture, building, construction and design. Taking a holistic approach, every facet of the design process is showcased at this unique event.

Schmetzer Industries is excited to showcase their ultra energy efficient range of insulation products to builders, architects and designs at the expo.

Schmetzer Industries have developed the ChameleonCore Range on Insulation Products.

ChameleonCore EXT is a composite foam insulation product for use against most external roof and walling finishes. The reflective foil and high-density resistance based foam outer layers allow ChameleonCore EXT will within its limitations, regulate its own temperature to a comfortable 23 degrees Celsius.

ChameleonCore INT is a flexible silicone-based foam with a high strength, pressure sensitive backing to adhere directly to the reverse side of the Gypsum Board.  ChameleonCoreINT will within its limitations, regulate the indoor temperature to a comfortable 23 degrees Celsius.


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