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Schmetzer Industries. The Global Innovator in Building Insulation

Schmetzer Industries is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the development and production of class-leading, energy saving building insulation products.

Schmetzer Industries is the inventor of ChameleonCore, a building insulation product which significantly reduces energy costs associated with heating and cooling building by using it’s ingenious Phase Changing Core. The silicone based foam is impregnated during the manufacturing process with a Phase Change material.

Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance that is engineered to freeze and melt at a specified temperature, in our case 23 degrees Celsius. As the material changes its state from solid to liquid, the material must draw substantial amounts of heat energy from its surrounding environment. It’s the reverse effect as the PCM changes its state from liquid to Solid. During this process, the PCM must Release substantial amounts of energy into the surrounding environment to return to the solid state.

Schmetzer Industries sell directly to the end-user of the product or through an architect, builder or another intermediary in the building process. If you are interested in being able to offer our class-leading product to your building clients, please contact us at for more information.

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