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Problem: Transforming Industrial Climate Challenges

In the heart of the industrial and manufacturing sector lies a formidable challenge – the efficient management of heating and cooling processes. From precise temperature control in manufacturing processes to the climate control demands of expansive facilities, the industry grapples with the complexities of energy consumption, environmental impact, and the need for sustainable solutions.
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Solution: ChameleonCore—Revolutionizing Industrial Climate Control

Enter Schmetzer Industries, a trailblazing startup dedicated to harnessing the potential of Phase Change Materials (PCMs). Our innovative solution, ChameleonCore, emerges as a beacon of promise in reshaping the landscape of industrial heating and cooling. This thin foam insulation material, enriched with a phase change material, stands poised to revolutionize energy efficiency in diverse industrial applications.

ChameleonCore’s exceptional ability to regulate temperature within air-conditioned spaces offers a compelling solution to the intricate challenges faced by the industrial and manufacturing sector. As we pave the way for small-scale testing and trials, Schmetzer Industries invites collaborative partnerships within the industry. Beyond the initial focus on passenger ships, envision ChameleonCore causing a paradigm shift in industrial climate control—from factories to processing plants and beyond.

We call upon industrial leaders, engineers, and innovators to join us

We call upon industrial leaders, engineers, and innovators to join us in co-creating tailored solutions that harness the full potential of ChameleonCore. Together, let’s pioneer a future where energy-efficient, adaptive, and environmentally conscious heating and cooling redefine the benchmarks of industrial and manufacturing processes. Partner with Schmetzer Industries as we embark on a transformative journey to elevate the efficiency, sustainability, and comfort of industrial climates.

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