Founders Story

– Crafting a Legacy in Construction Innovation

At Schmetzer Industries, our story is one of resilience, innovation, and the enduring spirit of two brothers—Brett and the late Steven Schmetzer. In the heart of our journey is a shared commitment to revolutionize the construction industry by developing cutting-edge insulation materials.

Founders' Background

Established in 2016, Schmetzer Industries is the brainchild of Brett and Steven, professionals with extensive backgrounds in the construction industry. United by familial bonds and a shared passion for innovation, these brothers embarked on a transformative mission to redefine insulation materials.

Brett and Steven, while occasionally at odds, shared a common ambition—to pioneer a better insulation solution for the building industry. Their partnership was marked by a delicate balance of unique perspectives, a dynamic that ultimately fuelled the innovation at the core of our company.

Our journey spans years of relentless research and development. Through countless trials and triumphs, the brothers harnessed the potential of phase change materials, aiming to create an insulation range that surpassed conventional standards. Their collaborative efforts resulted in a range of products poised to revolutionize the industry.

Tragically, Steve’s passing leaves a void in our journey. Despite their occasional differences, his contribution to our company’s vision is immeasurable. We honour his memory as we continue to innovate, building upon the foundation laid by two brothers who dared to dream differently.

Today, Schmetzer Industries proudly presents a comprehensive range of insulation products. Architects, builders, and developers can now integrate our phase change material-based solutions into their projects, benefitting from enhanced thermal efficiency, sustainability, and performance.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:

At Schmetzer Industries, we invite you to join us on a journey where innovation thrives. Our range of products represents the embodiment of two brothers’ shared ambition. Together, let’s shape a future where structures reflect the resilience and innovation inspired by the unique partnership of Brett and Steven.

Thank you for considering Schmetzer Industries as your partner in construction. Together, let’s continue crafting a legacy where the dynamic interplay of perspectives results in transformative solutions for the construction industry.
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