Pallet Covers

This marks a transformative leap in cold storage technology

Our ChameleonCore pallet cover stands at the forefront of advanced temperature management in cold storage. Constructed from the innovative ChameleonCore insulation material, incorporating a Phase Change Material, this cover acts as a revolutionary thermal shield when enveloping pallets. Designed to actively respond to temperature fluctuations, the pallet cover not only ensures optimal insulation for goods, safeguarding them against external elements and temperature variations but also significantly boosts the energy efficiency of the entire storage facility. ChameleonCore pallet covers contribute to a sustainable and controlled environment. Where the integration of our pallet covers not only preserves product integrity but also elevates the overall energy efficiency of the storage facility, making it a hallmark of innovation and sustainability in the industry.

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Enhanced Thermal Insulation

ChameleonCore Pallet Covers act as a formidable barrier against temperature fluctuations. The Phase Change Material embedded within the insulation responds dynamically to variations in temperature, ensuring a consistent and optimal climate around the palletised goods. This enhanced insulation capability minimizes heat transfer, preserving the integrity and quality of the stored products.

Energy Efficiency

The incorporation of Phase Change Materials plays a pivotal role in improving the energy efficiency of cold storage facilities. ChameleonCore Pallet Covers effectively reduce the reliance on continuous heating or cooling systems, as they absorb, or release heat based on the surrounding conditions. This leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption, translating to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Temperature Stability

Maintaining a stable and controlled temperature is paramount in cold storage. ChameleonCore Pallet Covers contribute to temperature stability by mitigating external temperature influences. Whether in refrigerated warehouses or during transportation, the covers ensure that the goods on pallets remain within the desired temperature range, preventing spoilage and preserving product quality.

Versatility and Reusability:

ChameleonCore Pallet Covers are adaptable to various storage scenarios. Their versatility allows for easy integration into different cold storage setups, ensuring uniform temperature distribution. Additionally, these covers are designed for durability and reusability, making them a sustainable and cost-effective solution for long-term use.

Preservation of Cold Chain Integrity:

For industries reliant on maintaining the cold chain, ChameleonCore Pallet Covers become an indispensable asset. By reducing temperature fluctuations, these covers contribute to preserving the integrity of the cold chain, ensuring that sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals or perishable goods, reach their destinations in optimal condition.
In summary, ChameleonCore Pallet Covers redefine the standards for temperature control in cold storage environments. By leveraging the innovative properties of Phase Change Materials, they not only enhance insulation but also introduce a sustainable approach to energy efficiency, ensuring the preservation of product quality and the integrity of the cold chain.

We are Actively Seeking Partners in the Cold Storage Sector

Schmetzer Industries are currently seeking partners in the cold or chilled storage sectors for testing and trials of our Pallet Covers.  From early, small scale testing and calculations our pallet Covers show great promise in dramatically incresing the efficiency of the warehouse tempreture regulation systems.  Feel free to reach out to us to discuss further.

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