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Problem: Overcoming Energy Challenges in Transport Logistics

In the expansive domain of transport logistics, the energy challenges extend beyond cold and chilled storage to the sector as a whole. The demands for efficient temperature control in transportation, warehousing, and distribution centres contribute significantly to the industry’s overall energy consumption. Traditional methods of cooling and maintaining product integrity during transit often require excessive energy, impacting both operational expenses and environmental sustainability. This industry-wide challenge calls for innovative solutions to revolutionize the way we approach energy consumption in the transport and logistics sector.

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Schmetzer Industries Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency

Solution: Pallet Covers Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency

Enter Schmetzer Industries—the vanguard of innovative solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Our Pallet Covers, powered by ChameleonCore, are currently in the testing and trials phase, poised to address the sector’s energy consumption challenges head-on. By incorporating Phase Change Materials (PCMs) into a foam matrix, these covers actively manage temperature variations, significantly reducing the need for traditional, energy-intensive cooling methods. Through this groundbreaking technology, Schmetzer Industries aims to revolutionize energy efficiency across the transport and logistics sector.

We are actively seeking visionary partners

Schmetzer Industries are actively seeking visionary partners to collaborate in developing a solution that not only optimizes cold and chilled storage but transforms the entire energy landscape of transportation. Together, let’s pioneer a more sustainable and cost-effective future in transport logistics.

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