In the realm of insulation innovation

Schmetzer Industries proudly introduces ChameleonCore, a revolutionary insulation material specifically designed for the construction industry. However, its transformative capabilities extend far beyond, bringing unparalleled benefits to Military & Defence, Aerospace, Mass Transit, Industrial & Manufacturing, and Mining.
Schmetzer Industries ChameleonCore 8mm Flexible, Phase Changing Composite foam with Reflective Faces.

Testing & Trials Show a Large Reduction in Air-Conditioning Usage

Schmetzer Industries Test Sheds
The statistic chart of the user Testing & Trials Show a Large Reduction in Air-Conditioning Usage
Schmetzer Industries Testing & Trials Show a Large Reduction in Air Conditioning Usage

Construction Industry

ChameleonCore is a game-changer in construction, seamlessly incorporating Phase Change Materials (PCMs) to optimize temperature regulation within buildings. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also redefines the standards for sustainable construction practices, ensuring optimal living and working environments.

Military & Defence

ChameleonCore’s adaptability finds crucial application in Military & Defence, especially for temporary structures. Its unique properties provide insulation and thermal resilience in dynamic environments, ensuring both energy efficiency and comfort in strategic military installations.


While the full extent of benefits for Aerospace is yet to be explored, Chameleon Core’s lightweight design and thermal management properties show promise in enhancing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, thus redefining the standards for in-flight temperature control.

Mass Transit

ChameleonCore contributes significantly to the efficiency of heating and cooling systems in mass transit, particularly on passenger ships. By optimizing energy consumption, it ensures passenger comfort while setting new benchmarks for sustainable and eco-friendly maritime transportation.

Industrial & Manufacturing

ChameleonCore’s potential in industrial and manufacturing sectors remains largely unexplored, presenting an exciting opportunity for optimizing temperature control in various processes, safeguarding equipment, and contributing to overall operational efficiency.


In the challenging and dynamic setting of mining, ChameleonCore addresses the unique needs of mining camps and temporary accommodations. Its insulation properties ensure not only energy efficiency but also a comfortable living space, enhancing sustainability in mining infrastructure.
Moreover, ChameleonCore marks a paradigm shift in the insulation industry, where innovation has been stagnant for an extended period. This revolutionary material signifies a leap forward, breaking the mold of traditional insulation methods and setting a new standard for energy-efficient heating and cooling systems across diverse industries.

Join us at the Forefront of Innovation

ChameleonCore by Schmetzer Industries is not just a product; it’s a testament to our commitment to reshaping industries and fostering sustainable solutions.

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