Problem: Revolutionizing Cooling in Data Centres

In the dynamic landscape of data centres, Schmetzer Industries recognizes a pivotal challenge in the form of efficient cooling. The relentless heat generated by high-performance servers poses a threat to optimal data centre operations. The traditional cooling methods currently in use face hurdles in maintaining uniform temperatures, leading to concerns about localized hotspots, equipment reliability, and operational costs.

Schmetzer Industries ongoing supporting server security room
Schmetzer Industries big server room corner

Solution: Pioneering Cooling Solutions with Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

Enter Schmetzer Industries—a trailblazer in harnessing the potential of Phase Change Materials. In response to the data centre cooling challenge, we are actively testing and trialling a revolutionary solution. Our small-scale experiments with Phase Change Materials have shown promising results in effectively managing and distributing heat within confined server spaces. Now, we are seeking strategic partnerships with data centre operators and industry pioneers to scale up this innovation.

Our vision is to co-develop a groundbreaking cooling solution that optimizes temperature control, mitigates hotspots, and enhances overall data centre efficiency. By leveraging the unique properties of PCMs, we aim to create a reliable and energy-efficient cooling system that not only addresses the current challenges but also sets new benchmarks for sustainability in data centre operations.

Schmetzer Industries invites collaboration

Schmetzer Industries invites collaboration with forward-thinking entities ready to embark on this transformative journey. Together, let’s shape the future of data centre cooling, ensuring not only peak performance but also sustainability and resilience in the face of evolving technological demands. Join us in redefining the standards of efficiency and reliability in data centre operations.

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